Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Proud Mommy Moments!

Some days you think you are really beating your head against the wall (kind of like Monday when something as simple as how to write the date can totally escape the boys)! But then there are days like today. One which totally surprises you! One that makes you feel like you can really do this home school thing. Not only, did the boys remember how to write the date (something that they should have been able to do because they have been doing it for, oh, about 6 months or more) but DD proudly wrote her own name. She did it by herself. For those of you familiar with it, this is no small task for a 4 year old. Not only is it a long name to spell, but it is not a usual spelling. She has traced it many times, but today she did it twice, all by herself. I only wish I could share the photo with you all, but as you know, I have a policy of not publishing my children's names here. So, if you would like to see this feat, please leave a comment or send me an email and I will happily email you a copy of the photo (sorry, only family please!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too many days...

It's been way to long since I've posted anything here and sooooo much has happened that the other night when I found myself having trouble sleeping getting it all down here was all I could think about. Isn't that sad?

Well, first - we are finally a 2 car family again. Turns out DH's car is just fine. The battery is getting old and will need to be replaced soon (and definitely before next winter), but it's charging just fine. He thinks that having tires in the back prevented the rear hood from latching which made some circuit or other stay on, draining the battery over night. And to think, it only took him 4 months to investigate and find this out. At least now the kids and I have the freedom to go when we want/need to without having to drag him to work and back.

DD has been undergoing tests on her bladder and kidneys. So far, nothing has been found wrong but we will continue this process by visiting a Pediatric Urologist soon. She simply has no bladder control.

I have been scrapping my brains out over the last week and a half. My favorite scrap site, DSP, celebrated their 6th birthday last week and the challenges and freebies just got my juices flowing again. Well, that and giving up on one or two commitments that were just taking way too much of my time and energy. I even made DH take the kids out to play so that he could get some new pictures for me while I worked on other things this last weekend. Gonna have to find some very special things to go do with the kids (now that we have a car) and get even more. One big event coming up is the boys Derby Car race for Cub Scouts. That should provide some picture opportunities.

I'm going to try and get a new tutorial up soon too, but still no time to get it written. In the mean time here is a great video of a little used tool (at least by some of us) that helps align elements in your page.