Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My goodness! A month has gone by!

Hard to believe it's been a month since that incredible moment with the kids. It's not all been roses, but there have been highlights. The boys moved up a notch and are now officially Cub Scout Wolves. DD is showing some progress with the potty training since getting her on the meds (but still a lot of mental stubbornness to contend with). Spring has sprung and then left again as is normal for Alaska. And I'm sure it won't be long and mosquitoes will be taking over. And school is nearly finished (officially any way) for another summer.

Which brings me to todays news. The boys were assessed today and I'm proud to say they are 2nd to 3rd grade level! We will be having a special dinner to commemorate their promotions and then take a break from the daily grind. (Only because Mom needs some prep time!) Although there is no official assessment for DD, her reading places her in late kinder level and I'm sure she will be testing into late first by fall. That is in most areas, she is still progressing with the writing at a much slower pace than the reading and math.

Well, I do need to get busy: always more to do than time to do it in!