Sunday, May 27, 2012

An outing with Daddy!

We recently got to visit a project site that Daddy has worked very hard on, the new Crime Lab. It was a private viewing of the new building and most of what it contains. Since it opens within the next 2 weeks, we didn't see much in the way of people, but we did see lots of space, some lovely art, and even a few interesting machines. I, of course, scrapped the adventure.

The journaling reads:
Daddy has worked for nearly 2 years planning the computer systems in the new Crime Lab and we finally got to go see all his hard work. We toured nearly the entire building. We couldn’t go into the science lab because that is severely restricted, but we saw the computer rooms where most of Daddy’s work is and all the offices. The best part may have been the shooting range and wearing hard hats.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Happenings!

OK, to be totally truthful, at least part of this happened in late April. But can we just pretend I'm keeping up with the world out there!

April 25, 2012
The boys and I got to take a guided tour of the zoo. They restricted the age so DD got a play date instead. We all had a really grand time. Seeing the tigers, wolves and polar bears from "behind the scenes" only added to the excitement. This was a school trip and as it turned out, DD really could have come, but she had fun and got to spend her afternoon on a trampoline. She felt that was brag worthy when the boys bubbled on about seeing the entire zoo, not just a few of the animals. 

May 13, 2012
What a glorious Mother's Day. DD was in her second ballet recital of the year. She was extra nervous before hand because it was on a real stage and she missed her final rehearsal as she had a fever, but she did so well. I couldn't have been more proud. My only complaint is that for some odd reason the teacher insists on placing the smaller students in the back line. I think this has to do with placing the "older", more coordinated students to the front, but this theory ignores the fact that DD is actually one of the oldest in the class. We have one final class and I do intend to ask the instructor about this.

After the recital we had been invited for Cake and Ice Cream at DBIL/DSIL's home. We ate cheese sandwiches, cake pops (cake on a stick), and peanut butter pie. I think we totally forgot the ice cream. It was short and sweet, but we all had fun. It really topped the Mother's Day off just right.