Sunday, October 3, 2010

Winter is well on it's way!

I still can't seem to make it here every week. Don't know, just seems like life gets in the way.

At any rate, we have colder temps (30s and 40s), leaves are nearly all on the ground, and termination dust (snow on the mountains). Guess that means we are well on our way to winter. We are looking forward to it in our house, because that means sledding, snowmen and snow angels. I'm also hoping we can really get the kids skiing this year. DS#2 proclaimed his desire the minute he learned we were moving back to Alaska, so we really must make a point of it. Of course, it would have been nice to go a little longer before turning on the heat.

We have also had our share of mini-crisis recently. As summer drew to a close, we finally got sunny days and that meant some good scrapes and bruises while riding bikes. The worst, however, happened just last evening and inside the house. DD was getting a piggyback ride from DS#1 (even after my constant warnings that she was too big for him) and fell, hitting her head. At first it looked like she had merely bumped it and I could not even find a red mark. But I hugged her and came up with blood all over my face. She has a pretty good gash on the crown of her head under all that hair, but thankfully it looked worse than it was. Our makeshift compression bandage made her look like a pink pirate and she had a good headache last night, but she is fine today. I have to say, this goes down as one of the worst mini-crisis yet.