Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yep! Two posts in one day!!!

We went to the State Fair this week. They had 2 special days that with the price of one ticket the second was free. The rides were the same. Well, who could pass up that price, right? The kids had a blast and I have tons of pictures to get scrapped, but that might take a bit. They loved the ferris wheel, DD was thrilled on the Merry-go-round, and you could not even imagine the grins on the real live ponies. But for me there was one other very special event. I had entered two knitted items and one took an honorable mention (my Entrelac bag) and I got a blue ribbon on my Sock Monkey. Of course, they weren't the purple division champ ribbons, but I got something on both. Since this is my first fair, I'm pretty pleased.

Then there was this one sign that I just had to have a picture of. It was on the horse trailer that the pony ride used as it's center.

Hmmmph! Two weeks without posting!

I sure hope you will forgive me. It was a real scramble to be ready for the new school term last week so I never made it here to post. I have some pictures to share and some tales to tell, so here goes.....
Our 4th of July

Birthday Notes

My Life (at a Potluck with Family)

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