Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a quickie!

We had a great Christmas with a delivery from a Secret Santa with all the gifts we were unable to buy for ourselves! Yep! Santa really delivered and made this the best Christmas ever! Thanks to our Secret Santa's for really putting the smiles on our kids faces this year.

Unfortunately it's taking a while for DH and I to really get into enjoying it all as we both came down with some sort of stomach bug. In many ways, I've had it the worst and all I had strength for yesterday was laying in bed and running to the bathroom! DH seems to have gotten all the aches along with the total lack of appetite. Poor thing, spent a good share of the day cooking a turkey and we just looked at it and thought "Yech!" We each tried a bite or two and I can tell you it was cooked to perfection, very juicey. It's going to make great sandwiches!

Well, I will try to post a picture or two soon. After I feel like I can hold my head up that is!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Visit From Santa

The kids got a big surprise last night when Santa came to our door (played very convincingly by a friend of ours). They were so excited we were sure it would be ages before they fell asleep. But it will also be a memory they will have forever. His real beard (colored grey with stage makeup), his bushy brows, and his wonderful laugh all helped to make the whole thing real. I can't thank him enough for giving this special gift to my children!

I also got to go on a photo shoot of Christmas lights. Hopefully I can find the time this afternoon to post the one or two good ones I got.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Christmas Greeting!

I was going to wait and do this next week, but one of our dear Grannies on the sent this out to everyone and I just had to share it. I will still try to do my own next week, but in the mean time this was too beautiful not to share!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Boys big news!

Well, my twins are in Cub Scouts this year. They have done a day camp, an overnight and visited a Fire House (well, one of them did, the other had to stay home that night). But best of all, they are now the first in their Den to receive the Bobcat Badge! We realized last week that they were really close. They had long since memorized the Promise, the Law, and the Motto. They performed the handshake and the salute with perfection. All they needed was a safety talk with me and their Dad. Well, they performed and answered all the needed questions Monday evening and will now get their badge at the January pack meeting. We are so proud as no one else has even tried yet! I can't wait to get those pictures and scrap them.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Seeing Santa!

We had the opportunity to visit Santa on Saturday. He stopped by the local Apple store for the day. It was wonderful! No lines, no high priced photos (we just took our own camera), and Santa said all the right things! As we were the very first visitors, the kids got to tell Santa what they wanted. And the very best part - all three really talked to him. The very cutest part was DD singing her own made-up Santa song right to Santa! We had a blast, and the kids came home with a little book for each of them (the owners also own a second hand kids store so they gave a coupon to pick a book to each child). Of course we also drooled over the new computers, kids and adults, but I guess that is another story!

This is DS#1!

And DS#2!

And our own, sweet DD!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to tell the twins apart!

We may soon have another tell tale sign for which boy is which. DS#1 was hit in the face with the piano stool that his brother was doing something with that no doubt he should not have been doing. Now he has the funniest butterfly bandage I could create just under his nose trying to keep the darn cut together long enough to seal and we can only hope that this one won't leave a scar. DH will be bringing home some dermabond to assist with the process, but that won't be for another 2 1/2 hours. So until then:
He said this was his first mustache and I wonder now if he will ever be able to grow one that doesn't have a 1/2 inch bare spot right under his nose!