Sunday, August 15, 2010

How time does fly!

It has been a very busy summer as is evidenced by my lack of adding anything to this blog. We have made so many trips to the library for books and events I can't even count them. Let's see, we played pirates and learned about Polar Bears. The kids participated in the reading program, and really did so well with it, we have started one here at home too. You should hear those boys go! And DD isn't far behind. July 4th weekend was packed with activities including a trip to Camp Conway (my BIL/SILs new weekend getaway) and the parade of course. By Monday of that weekend the kids were content to laze around the house. Then there was a fabulous air show at the military base. We had the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels and Canadian Snowbirds all in one day!

Although we did well on assessments in May, we were behind in math, so we went back to school in July and will be caught up this week. Added to that we have started some of our projects for this year. We will be studying states, countries and biographies each month so we started with one of each to study together. Starting next month, the boys will each do their own report and then share his findings with the family. And for added benefit, we get to have guest speakers for two countries as family members come and share information on where they grew up. We are also starting a family history which we got started with a bang when FIL was in town and personally came for the interview. There will be much more to come on that front I'm sure.

And we can't forget celebrating the boys 7th birthday! Big new bikes with no trainers were a big hit and DD got the hand me down which to her was the "new" bike.

I will try to add pictures for these events tomorrow. So check back! I'm really going to try and do better, posting at least every weekend.