Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a quickie!

We had a great Christmas with a delivery from a Secret Santa with all the gifts we were unable to buy for ourselves! Yep! Santa really delivered and made this the best Christmas ever! Thanks to our Secret Santa's for really putting the smiles on our kids faces this year.

Unfortunately it's taking a while for DH and I to really get into enjoying it all as we both came down with some sort of stomach bug. In many ways, I've had it the worst and all I had strength for yesterday was laying in bed and running to the bathroom! DH seems to have gotten all the aches along with the total lack of appetite. Poor thing, spent a good share of the day cooking a turkey and we just looked at it and thought "Yech!" We each tried a bite or two and I can tell you it was cooked to perfection, very juicey. It's going to make great sandwiches!

Well, I will try to post a picture or two soon. After I feel like I can hold my head up that is!


  1. That Santa, he's one sneaky man! I'm glad to hear that the kids had a good Christmas, but sorry to hear you and hubby are sick. If you need us to watch the kids just let me know. Do you need anything like soup or anything?

  2. Sorry to hear you were not well on Christmas day. I hope the children were well behaved for you.