Friday, July 22, 2011

Hmm.... forgot to get the camera out.

The kids and I took a lovely afternoon and made the very best of it. We joined another family from the new home school group we have been enjoying and played in the park. It was a very busy park to the northeast of town with one very big surprise. Upon our arrival the kids were given a free brown bag lunch. Of course, they had eaten, so most of it came home and was consumed for dinner, but what a pleasant surprise. Each bag contained: milk, ham & cheese on a bun, apple, fruit jerky, and two "powerball" snacks that looked like donut holes but the package claimed had many more nutrients than a traditional donut. The warm, sunny day was perfect for the outing and the kids played very hard. The only problem... I forgot to take the camera out of it's bag and actually snap a few.

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