Monday, December 12, 2011

A Successful Weekend

Well, it was busy but I do think we accomplished our list. The final presents have been purchased (still need to start wrapping). We have a tree to place the gifts under (needs decorating). Met with friends, saw family, and fit in DD's dance recital.

If you want to talk cute, let's discuss the recital. The kids were just adorable, most of them under 7 or 8 I think. I haven't had a chance to look through the video and a friend took photos that I haven't seen yet, but here's a couple of my pictures.After the recital was when we went to look for the tree as well as rewarding our dancer with a vase of pink roses and dinner at Pizza Hut.

We did that in quite the snow storm. All told we got at least 6 inches. But during our dinner the temps rose 14 degrees and by the time we got home there was a record wind storm. Our cable kept going off and power flickered for at least an hour, probably more, then it stopped as fast as it started. Roads were a total mess this morning and will be worse tomorrow as temps drop again turning wet snow and slush to ice. They even closed school here in town. Well, you can't let the rest of the kids have a snow day and not offer the same to the home schooler, we we took the day off too. They are off building snow men as I type.

And now I'm back to trying to complete tasks that just seem to pile up. Hope all are well out there!

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