Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Adventure!

Well, DD turned 6 years old! What a marvel. She has a loose tooth (been that way a couple weeks but she is more interested in it being loose that it being out). She has grown enough that a dress given to here last year will finally stay on with grow room to spare. And she is learning at the speed of light.

We had not really planned a big tadoo as she had a good sized party for her 5th, but the day before I discovered some very fun family things to do. So, shortly after lunch we headed out on the town. We visited a local mall where there was a wood carving exhibition. There was a gentleman there who would wander around playing his hand made violin. I only wish I could have captured the sound as it was extraordinary. He also played a Chinese Gezheng (not sure I'm spelling it correctly, sorry) that his granddaughter made with his help. There were many wonderful items to admire and even a few for sale.

Also stationed at the mall, were my friends from the Anchorage Spinners and Weavers Guild. This turned into a fabulous adventure when one of them offered to teach the children to weave on a small table loom. All three were fascinated and we spent over an hour letting them "play". Hmmm.... I smell a school project for next year as we spend time calculating the yarn requirements for a project and then execute the final pattern. (I can rent the loom for $20 per month from the guild.)

Finally, a trip to the local Pizza Hut for dinner. Usually a reward for completing their reading projects, this time we only let it be a birthday trip. The kids had all earned to right, so I didn't feel bad about using the coupons this way. And then home for cupcakes and presents.

What a big day!!!!!

Oh, and a final note, we had such wonderful sunshine I was able to snap a shot of our local snow mountain. For those unaware, Anchorage is fast approaching record snowfalls for the winter. It's so bad that the plows no longer have a place to put the snow and many parking lots now have corners devoted to the stacking of the unwanted white stuff. Not far from our home, is one of the many snow dump sites that has been used up until just recently. Believe me, it's a mountains worth.

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  1. Last year we had snow mountains like that in Minneapolis (they lasted till mid-May), but not so this year. As I watched the Iditarod, I was struck by how I was looking out at grass (brown, but still, grass) and you wouldn't be seeing it for a long time yet. Good luck waiting for the thaw!