Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow - Way too long since I've been here!

My only excuse! Doing too many other things to think about telling you all what they are! Hmmm... and what are they? I'm knitting a project for DDs upcoming birthday, I've shopped till I dropped getting bargains for school projects with the kids and a little project for DHs birthday (of course, it won't be done in time and he knows it!). I've joined the local knitter's guild, Knitters of the North, thanks to a new friend who insisted on paying my dues because DH and I have now fixed her computer a couple of times. I've done so little scrapping that you could hardly say I've done any at all, but I have designed a few greeting cards (I'll hopefully have them in the store this weekend and will let you all know so you can go and order some for your sweeties). And I finally got the entire Book of Centuries printed for the boys. DDs will have to wait a year or two, but she isn't ready for it any way. Of course, then there was the regular school days stuff, the online chats, the bill paying marathons and the meals to be fixed and housework to be done (oh, I know, those are both dirty words aren't they, sorry).

So, that is life in a nutshell!

And for those of you scrappers: we now have a new challenge for the Sunday Scrappers. Come and join us as it looks like it will be tons of fun!

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