Thursday, February 11, 2010

I do love my kids!

OK, so some days lately I have questioned my ability to be a mother let alone teach any thing. But two things have happened this week to help me feel a bit better. First, was a break through with the boys that came much earlier than I would have expected. The boys math skills, although not truly behind, are lagging when compared to their reading. We are working on simple addition, and have begun the addition of double digits ending in zero. But I had this math sheet that was related to our Dinosaur studies (very loosely, but it did have dinosaurs on it). It was adding numbers like 9 +14 and 13 + 12. They were struggling and I was too, until all of a sudden the way of using the blocks to get the answer suddenly clicked for one and then the other. Before long we were adding things like 86 + 54 and getting the correct answer. We were jumping up and down, getting very loud and excited. We were having so much fun, it was hard to stop when the doorbell rang (we had a planned visitor).

Then today: well, let's just say they did something that I bet 99% of kids out there would never think to do, and yet mine seem to do it all the time. We had a math project that included graphing those little candy hearts that are available this time of year. Rather than investing in the little boxes that probably have like 20 candies, I bought a bag and poured them into a bowl. Not realizing it, I had given each of them over 50 candies. Once the math was done, of course they were given permission to eat them and I figured that lunch would be somewhat of a bust. Instead, each child ate maybe half of their candies, declared they were full and wanted to save the rest for later. Yep, all 3 kids, left half or more of the candy for another time.

Yep! I love my kids!!!!!!!

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