Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Field Trip

We are having field trips galore this month. Our latest was a trip to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. This is a wonderful place with lots of fun things to do, and going as a school group really makes it worthwhile. We had the center to ourselves and they provided wonderful activities. We watched a movie about Raven the Creator, danced and made bead necklaces. Then we had a quick tour of the houses that our native ancestors lived in. (Personally, I wish we had spent more time on that part of the tour, but it was lunch time by then.) Although the picture is not great, you can see some of the dancing. The first dance is "Build an Igloo" and the second is "Raven the Protector". Enjoy the video and don't forget to turn on your sound:

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  1. I liked the video and the kid´s look so enthusiastic :) Lisa I really love Rachel's hair. Hugs to you guy´s.