Sunday, October 2, 2011


For weeks now, we have tried to make a trip to the Anchorage Museum. First, there was a child sick, then Daddy was sick, then there were conflicting obligations. But on Friday, we finally made it. There has been a very nice exhibit on Mammoths and Mastodons since some time last spring. They leave after the coming weekend. When the boys worked very hard writing a Compare/Contrast paper about these creatures and elephants, I wanted to reward them with a visit. It turned into quite the day.

We started with a trip to the Library, where we gathered our reading material for the next few weeks. This was followed by a stop at the park right behind the library where the ducks gather. We fed the ducks and then watched them play as we ate our own lunch.

When we were done eating we headed off to the museum. Most of my pictures didn't turn out because you are not allowed to use the flash. This one,
the flash accidentally reactivated. That is just the rear thigh bone and it's one of the smaller species at that. Once we were through this exhibit (which we went around at least twice), we proceeded downstairs to the Arctic Studies exhibit, on loan from the Smithsonian. This was more interesting for Daddy and I, but there were some things the kids enjoyed viewing. We also stopped by the Anchorage history exhibit. The kids liked this more than the arctic studies, especially since they have full sized boats and replicas of different housing.

By the time we were through this we were almost ready to go home, but to leave we walked through a couple of art exhibits where I took this one photo of a sculpture that was really fascinating. Seen live, the mittens looked as though they hung in mid-air. You really had to look hard to see the filaments that hung from the ceiling! Well done to the artist who created this wonder.

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