Thursday, September 22, 2011

Real Termination Dust!

Well, the day has arrived. Termination dust is really on the mountains. You may remember we had that imitation stuff back in August that all melted. Well, Tuesday we were headed to the Doctor (DS#1 has a bug that was really swelling his tonsils - more on that later) and it had really come down the mountains. I wasn't sure when because we had missed the news for a couple days, but it turned out that we really saw the first of it. It made the news that evening. That does mean that winter is on it's way.

Then yesterday, the kids were complaining of being cold. I had noticed a chill too, but wasn't sure if it was just me. When they even complained I decided it was time to check and sure enough it was cooooooooold in here. It was only 62 in the house, and that means it's time to turn on the heat. It feels really good having it on, so I haven't turned it off either.

Poor DS#1 fighting this bug and being cold. It's nothing major, but boy are his tonsils swollen. The Doctor thought less of that than he did of the sinus drainage. Long story, short - there is a possibility that the cold we all had turned into a small sinus infection for him. Nothing to do but wait and if he's not better by tomorrow morning (which he really already is better) then we will call the Doctor again and he will prescribe an antibiotic. I totally agreed, though, to wait a few more days and make sure it wasn't going to go on it's own before stuffing medicine in him. A good thing too as it looks as though he won't need it.

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