Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fa la la la!

Yep! That's what I'm hearing around the house these days. Sunday we woke to a lovely covering of snow. About an inch. And the cold winter weather was upon us that fast. The days preceding were cool, highs in the 40s. But now we are lucky to see the top side of the 30s. And yesterday.....well, we got even more of the white stuff. If it weren't for the kids and their snow fort, I would most likely be cleaning an accumulated 3 - 4 inches off the drive. As it is, they have worked every spare minute building a fort with all that snow. As we don't have a lot, they have been robbing from the unoccupied home next door. (TeeHee) The fort is mostly a foundation for now, but I think by the end of winter they should have a respectable room.

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