Monday, June 25, 2012

A fast update!

Recent days have been too busy to get caught up on anything. I was supposed to get this all caught up with summer camp photos yesterday, but instead was tending to a very sad looking son. As some of you already know, DS#2 was bit in the face by a dog while on a camping trip with Dad and Uncle. One day lost to dealing with a child several hours drive away in a hospital getting stitches. One day lost to making sure he was comfortable and calm. (OK, so he was calmer than I was and happy to couch potato and watch TV, but Mom really didn't want to stray too far, if you know what I mean.) And to top it all off, last evening while cleaning up from all the camping gear and sand that was dragged in as the rest arrived home, we discovered shrew (like a mouse) droppings under the kitchen sink. This ended in that and the corner cupboard (the only one that holds food) being emptied, bleached, and much moved or thrown away and a call to the landlord. I knew this would happen eventually as I had seen a shrew in the yard the year we moved in. We even have traps in the crawl space, but have never captured one. Of course we haven't, they live in the walls and where food is.

So, with mounds of laundry being slowly gone through, a kitchen that is nearly worthless with the loss of one whole cupboard and most of a second, a child that still needs frequent medical care with the special meds and cleanings that go with this type of injury, I sit here pouring my heart out to you all and beg your forgiveness for the lack of fun photos and upbeat stories of life with 3 kids in Alaska.

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