Friday, August 19, 2011

Catchin' Up

I'm taking a moment from the mountain of housework to say "I'm still here!" It's been a really busy week what with trying to do 10 layouts (LOs) for a Digital Scrapbook Place challenge. It's one of my favorites because it gets me to scrap a full 10 LOs in just two weeks. And what did I scrap? Well, my DDs very first ballet lesson, the kids enjoying the wonderful sun we had a few weeks back, the boys birthday, and general life with three kids.

Then, of course, there was school. The kids have really gotten into the swing of it, and most days I've had to look to keep them busy. The boys are slowly getting used to long term assignments, although I'm still having to remind them which I expect to have to do most of the year.

Today we went to the library and after we fed the ducks. It was raining quite a bit, so I didn't take the camera. I wish I had though, because DD nearly got surrounded. She really has to learn to through the bread instead of drop it so the ducks won't think they have to come to her for the food. To say it was cute would be an understatement.

We also have a big weekend coming up. More on that after the fact.

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  1. Love the layouts VINKONA and miss you so much - love to you all