Thursday, August 11, 2011

Termination Dust!

Yep, in early August (actually about 5 days ago), termination dust was spotted by all who could actually see the mountains. Of course, I had to hear it on the news and from friends, since from my home all I could see was clouds.

What is termination dust you say? It's easy! It's the first dusting of snow spotted at the top of the mountains. There are some who say that what we have seen is not true termination dust. The light snow that showed up is expected by most to melt in the next few days. But it has been there for more than one, so in my book, it looks more like termination dust than a freak summer snow. The name comes from the fact that with that first dusting, fall days and then winter is soon to follow. Or - the 'termination' of summer.

Thankfully, today has dawned bright and sunny, but I'm afraid that days of high 60's are gone for another year.

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