Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy! And the saga continues!

Sorry I've not been around, I really have wanted to post. Unfortunately the saga's from last week have continued. Yes, we got the washer, but no, it's still not "usable". Turns out the reason there was no book with it is they bought it second hand. The hoses need to be replaced and the connections are bad and really should be replaced as well. DH insisted it was "good enough" to use, but when I tried I got a bad enough leak from the hoses to need to towel the floor again. Also, the darn thing rocks back and forth so bad the noise is ridiculous.

Then there is the saga of the flu shots! OK, I admit, by Friday I was pretty wiped. There had been so many little things all week that this one just sent me over the edge. I had tried on Tuesday to get the kids their flu shots after nearly a month of trying to find where I could get them. The Doctors office won't do them unless they are "established" patients, ie: they've seen them for at least a physical. Well, we can't take them unless there is something wrong, because the insurance won't pay for second physicals in the same year. Needless to say, we can't afford $200 or more times 2 (DS#2 had that ear infection, so he's been seen) just to get flu shots. Any way, I take them to the Health Department - nope can't do them on Tuesday, have to come back Friday (after being told they do them 5 days a week). So I come back Friday to "Yep, we can do the boys, but not DD!" The vaccine they had was restricted to 4 and above for some reason. Oh, and we won't be getting the H1N1 at all but you can get that here (and they gave me a phone number). I have DH call, and yes, we can do the H1N1 but not the seasonal for DD because she's "not established". Arghhh!!!! OK, well lets at least get the one that could be dangerous, right. I proceed to the clinic and fill out the paperwork and wait. And wait! And wait! And watch at least 3 people get called ahead of us that came in after us and all for shots (confirmed by one woman that I spoke to after she and her husband were given their shots even though they came in way after us). So I complain, and the second time I complain rather loudly. Hey, did I miss something! Well, in the end, and after I totally lost it and started crying (a sad fact that when I'm mad I cry) they finally agree to give all the kids the H1N1 and DD her seasonal even though she's not established.

Saturday I did nothing but read and lay in bed! I just didn't have the strength! The kids would come and cuddle and we laughed and had a good time.

Then Monday came. There is this strange stain right on the edge of the carpet next to the door into the kitchen where the fridge is. We figure it's from one of the dogs, so I shampoo that area and move on. But that night it's still wet and it looks dirty again. We attempt to "suck" it up with paper towel and a phone book. Well, the book was ruined by the next morning because it was not the dogs, but a leak from the fridge. DH and the landlord got it fixed last night. The water hose for the ice maker was a very small copper tube with a hole in it! Now I have to shampoo again, but I think I'll let it be until tomorrow!

And as for disasters! No More!!!!!! Please? (picture me on my knees in prayer!)

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