Thursday, October 29, 2009

Easy Days?

Well after a very rough start the week seems to finally be looking up! The new washer arrived yesterday, but the guys didn't get one hose tight enough. There is a slight leak and DH needs to fix that before I can finally wash the towels that we made such a mess of when the flood happened. It's a really nice GE front loader, but believe it or not they didn't bring a manual with it. So now I have to find out what all the extra settings are and how much it can hold. Knowing the landlady, it will hold my king size sheets and stuff, but want to make sure! The kids have continued to have a rough time this week, with at least one ending up in bed early every night! This morning has been OK if not perfect and at the moment they are constructing a marble run and getting along. We are managing with one car until DH has time to look and try to figure out what happened to his. I'm hoping it is part of what we already knew needed to be fixed or it may just not be worth fixing at all. Oh, I don't want to go back to being a one car family!

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  1. LOL- I skimmed through this and read that you have a really nice font loader- one track mind!