Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Very Special Gift!

I received an early birthday present from a friend this week! This is a present that I would neither have expected nor can I ever express my gratitude adequately. Sitting on my desk is now a lovely new tablet, the Bamboo Pen & Touch. For those who do not know what this is, it's a computer input device that can be used in place of the mouse, but gives you the control of a pen. With practice this will be helpful in my scrapbooking and will even allow for my handwriting to be used (if I ever learn to use it that way). As a person who finds themselves clicking the mouse when a keyboard shortcut could be used, I figure this will get a lot of use! Even today, two days after receiving the gift the sight of it makes me choke up and get teary. Such generosity is rarely seen in this world, and I can only say that the heart of this friend is larger than any I have ever known.

Thank you dear friend (and sorry it took two days to get this written!)

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