Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Trip to the Library

We took our first Home School trip to the library today and the boys learned one thing that is good about this going to school at home. You see, at the "school" when they had library day, they got to borrow one book. Today, I gave them a limit of 10! You should have seen them! You would have thought it was a race to get their quota before I changed my mind. And they really loved getting their own cards. (The librarian that checked us out didn't seem so pleased, but I think we made it as painless as possible for her! LOL) They did complain a bit as they had to carry the books out in their own backpacks, but I think even that was minor compared to the joy of choosing great books to bring home and read. They could barely wait to come in and sit with their books and dig in. Although we still have a few months until they can read them all by themselves (even the "early readers" are at about a 3rd grade level, so you have to be pretty selective). It's so nice that all 3 of my children truly love books and I get to help make sure that continues!

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