Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad news, Good news!

Yesterday was NOT a good day:
Bad news: the kids were cranky from the moment they got out of bed, and I wasn't a whole lot better than they were!
Good news: We managed to get through a lot of math, now if some of it sticks it will be even better!

Bad news: The washing machine died and leaked an inch of water across the bathroom floor!
Good news: It waited until the very last load was completely done and ready to go into the dryer (or at least it ran all the way through, not sure when it started leaking)!

Bad news: The kids barely made it through lunch in one piece!
Good news: They all napped for an hour and a half!

Bad news: I have an entire load of towels that are wet and dirty from cleaning up after the washing machine!
Good news: The landlady decided to simply replace the washer with a brand new front loader that should be delivered today!

Bad news: DHs car blew up, well it was certainly steaming from under the hood, had just moved into the red zone on the temperature gauge and there was no way he could drive it this morning until we can figure out how to get it in to be fixed!
Good news: It didn't stop dead in the road and waited until I pulled into the drive before really blowing badly!

Bad news: I really blew it with my sister-in-law!
Good news: (I hope?) She forgives me!


  1. I would have been more worried if you hadn't been able to salvage some "good" out of the day. Even if it was relative. After all, you still had to fold the laundry......;->

  2. Hahahahaha I guess I shouldn't laugh but what can you do? Life's like that. It's so good that you blog it. I wish I'd blog all my adventures but I just don't have time these days. It will get better, I promise!