Friday, October 16, 2009

The weeks pass quickly!

This week in particular seems to have just disappeared! The kids and I have worked on everything from reading and spelling, to money math and understanding the reason we have seasons. Dad takes over this weekend doing an actual experiment to show the kids how the Earth travels around the sun and the affect of that on our weather. A big favorite is the "Money Game", where they roll a die and get change in the amount of the number rolled. They have to trade pennies to nickels and nickels to dimes (we will soon be adding quarters). Even DD has learned this game and can tell you how many pennies she has to "sell" to get that coveted nickel. As a matter of fact, she asks for that game even more than the boys do. We'll be doing real world change making in no time.

I also had my homework to complete for my photography class. The one big disappointment was learning that the little tripod that I have won't hold the camera. Amazing that it would hold the big film SLR but won't stand with the little point and shoot digital. Why? Because the connection for the P&S is off to one side, making it lopsided. So, I used a dish towel. (No great art so I won't be posting here, but look for homework photo's as I get better!)

DH is taking a couple of extra days off this weekend. We won't be using it to do anything really fun as there are way to many chores to take care of. I'm hoping he will get some of the leaves cleaned up as I haven't gotten to it since I did the first 5 bags worth, as well as a little more of the garage cleaned out. Plus he needs to get his snow tires on the car (they are sitting at his brothers house) and we have things to accomplish with the boys for Cub Scouts. You know, as I read this I realize that we probably won't get half of the stuff done that I would like to, but that's really how life goes! LOL

Happy Alaska Day all! (and for those who don't know - Alaska Day is Sunday, October 18th)

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