Sunday, August 9, 2009

Been having a blast!

With my wonderful friend Carolyn's arrival, life got busy. On Friday, we visited Earthquake Park where we took pictures of mushrooms of a type I have never seen before and many other things. And yesterday, we went to the Alaska Zoo. I think my favorite was the Polar Bear, but we also saw baby musk ox, baby moose, camels, alpacas and more! There were a couple of large moose including one with a rack that had to be 5 or 6 feet across. Of course there were otters and seals; they were very lively. And we got quite close, but could not touch, a red fox that they had on a leash. He seemed quite at ease with everyone with in just a couple of feet from him. The bengal tiger is still there (and still doesn't seem to move much) as are the Eagles, owls and other birds. We even saw a wolverine.

Today was an at home day, where I got a few chores done and then we took the kids to the playground where Carolyn attempted to teach the boys flag football. It didn't last long and they decided they would rather climb and slide on the play structure. Maybe we can try again later this week!

She is also letting me play with her very expensive camera! She owns a Nikon D300 professional series camera and a whole host of lenses. I've now shot with 3 different zoom lenses and a wide angle lens. I have to be careful I don't drool all over it! We also tried my old Nikon lenses on her body and discovered they would work. So we have narrowed down which body I should be looking at that would allow me to buy just the body and save a few bucks up front. Of course, I still need the chance to play with a comparable Canon, but if I don't have to buy new lenses right away, it might make it more feasible to buy sooner. We'll see.

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