Monday, August 31, 2009

Whew! What a weekend!

OK, so I really didn't do anything! Yep, I sat at this silly machine and feel I accomplished... nothing! I didn't write, I didn't scrap (all that much), I did pay bills, well I made sure the money was in the bank to pay bills, but there were no new ones. I mostly cleaned up, the computer that is. There is a new Operating System out for Mac. It's not a big change, but it is a significant change. It will speed things up, make finding files that much easier, and give me a few new things to do with old tools. And best yet, it's only $29. Well, if you pay full price that is. Actually, it cost me less than that. I took advantage of an upgrade set and all my Mac software will be improved at the same time for just a wee bit more.

The boys enjoyed their first weekend away from school. They like school here, but I'm afraid it's for reasons their Dad and I aren't quite sure of. They keep saying that it is the "lack of papers". In other words, the lack of real work. We'll see how this plays out. They brought home a very few things, none of it really looked like work and what did, one boy hadn't even finished. We will be keeping an eye on things. They have P.E. three times per week, go to the library on Tuesdays and have art thrown in there somewhere. I didn't here anything about music, but I'm sure they will be talking about that soon too. They still don't know the names of any of the kids, but one of the boys did holler goodbye to them as we left on Friday.

Well, off to continue "cleaning". The new software shipped today, so I need to get ready.

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  1. Wish you would come clean out my computer I keep meaning to do that but cleaning the kitchen table would need to come first. :-)