Friday, August 21, 2009

Going 'Back to School'

Yes, it's that time of year and the boys will be starting soon, but I'm not really talking about them. Instead I am talking about me. I am starting a photography class in September. It's between 10 and 15 hours of nearly one-on-one instruction with a professional photographer. And we will be in the real world with our camera's so I'm sure I will have some interesting photo's to show off here soon. I will be taking my Point & Shoot Canon because it is advanced enough to have a Manual setting as well as my film camera from years and years ago. Maybe if I get good enough with these I will be able to justify the expense of upgrading my SLR to a DSLR. Thanks to my friend Carolyn, I do know that I can use my old film lenses with the new body. Any way, I will be going on Friday evenings and working through the maze of learning.

Oh, and we did meet the boys new teacher yesterday. I'm a bit concerned that her classroom seems awful busy visually. I can only hope that it's not too much for the boys. But I think they did well on the placement testing and things will progress as they are supposed to.

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