Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm sooooooo excited!

Today is a very big day for me. A friend from the internet is traveling all the way across the country to visit me. I made a joke one time, many months ago, about her coming and taking pictures of the kids for me and the next thing I knew, she was really coming. Well, that was when we lived in Oregon. All of a sudden, and thankfully well before her travel plans were made, we were moving to Alaska. I wasn't sure she would still come. After all, it is a very long way to go, just to take pictures! LOL! But, like so many others, seeing Alaska has been a dream for her and now she had every reason to come. Plans continued and today is finally the day. Hope the sun we are having right no holds for a week or so, we sure have a lot of ground to cover and tons of things to go and take pictures of.

Say a prayer that we have decent weather! Hugs all!

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  1. yeah, and now I'm here and torturing your kidlets... teaching them all manner of "interesting" concepts.