Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another very normal day!

It's kind of quiet around here. With the boys at school and just DD and I at the house it can get rather humdrum. We had our girls outing yesterday though. This time we just went shopping. My daughter is really quite good so long as it is just her and I. It's when the boys come along that things get out of control. No matter how hard you run them, they just always seem to have more energy than I do. With her along, all I have to worry about is how many times I have to say "No, we aren't buying one of those today." Yesterday this included a Hannah Montana clothes hamper, every shirt in both the boys and girls clothing department regardless of size, and a few odd groceries that we really don't need.

I'm sitting on pins and needles hoping to have big news, but it will be at least another day before it comes in. Just say a little prayer that it all goes well and we will leave it at that!

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