Friday, September 11, 2009

Todays Thoughts!

I was sitting reading stories to DD before her nap and having a hard time concentrating. You see, I had turned the TV on for a few minutes while we ate lunch and caught the tale end of the Today show (well really that semi-today show thing with Hoda and Kathy Lee). Like so many others they had a brief tribute to those lost eight years ago. So, there I sat, smelling peanut butter and 3 year old sweetness and thinking of those moments that we all spent in fear, anguish, and outrage realizing just how far away it feels. I also realized just how many of those feelings will never go away.

How many times in our history have man-made disasters like this been wrought upon unsuspecting and undeserving people? How many men, women and children have suffered at the hands of others so that a wicked few could prove a point? We are none of us innocent. Even our own have created disasters of this kind and perpetrated these evils in the guise of good. How many tears do the innocent have to shed for the world to finally realize true and lasting peace? Will we ever get it through our heads that war will not solve what ails us?

I pray that some day, maybe even in my children's lifetime, we can finally live in a world that thinks more about taking care of one another than about how different we all are. In a world that smiles instead of cries.

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