Thursday, September 24, 2009

Winter is coming.

As I walked the boys to school these last couple of days, our conversations have been all about the coming snow! There is lots of termination dust on the mountains which can be seen clearly beyond the school and it has been cold and frosty. We have talked about why we can see our breath in the cold as well as what causes frost on the grass. Guess this home schooling thing may just work! LOL In the meantime, it's a joy to share these little discoveries of our new home with children so eager to take it all in!

DD and I spent our last girl only day at the library this morning. It may be the only "story time" she gets to attend as I'm afraid the boys will not be too enthusiastic. We will have to continue our little family story times here at home with a mix of books and songs of the kids choosing to off set not attending the overcrowded time at the library. I don't think she will miss it too much as long as she still gets to go and pick books. I think that was her favorite part anyway!

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