Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It hasn't stopped!

Well, after meeting with the teacher, seeing that this entire year would be mostly repeat, hearing no effort to change that, and worst of all, not receiving even a hint that she had made a mistake let alone an apology - we are in fact bringing the boys home for school. We have left them for this week to give me a chance to make all the arrangements/preparations and to give them a chance to say goodbye to classmates. I filed the application with Chugach School District Correspondence School yesterday and happily came home with an armload of materials to check out. They will be there with a teacher to assist me, materials on occasion, funding for those materials they don't already have, and in general support for my endeavors. They will also help with the necessary assessments and paperwork to maintain compliance with state laws. The program choices will still be ours though so long as the children meet or exceed the standards set. I'm nervous but also very happy that the fiasco will soon be behind us!

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