Friday, September 18, 2009

What a week!

I have been totally scrambling. Some of you already know that my husband and I are a bit unhappy with the boys school. In over a month of education absolutely nothing has been new to them, it was all covered last year and worked on by us during the summer to maintain the great levels they had achieved. Well, I began the research necessary to bring them home for home schooling if the school/teacher can not prove to me that this is going to change. I learned that if I planned on making this move we have to do it by the end of next week to get full funding for curriculum and materials so I have been scrambling to determine just what/how to do all of this and still meet state guidelines. I have run across some very helpful people in the process.

I have also determined that we have a bigger problem than just the curriculum not meeting the needs of our sons. This is appearing to be a bit of a teacher issue. Her method of dealing with our children has proven to be thoughtless and neglectful. I was compelled to speak with the principal of the school regarding her actions after she sent one son to the empty and locked classroom by himself when she was supposed to have sent him to the office to meet with me. For any of you thinking this was minor, all you had to do was see my sons tear-streaked face and heard the desperation in his voice and you would understand the severity of this action. He is only 6 years old after all, and was devastated that he was unable to complete the task he had been sent to do. He also never received the message that he was to go to the office. Had he been able to get into that classroom he would have proceeded to the parking lot, while I waited for him in the in the building and around a corner unable to see him. As a note: I have hesitated to write about this here, but feel my thoughts and reasons for the actions we are taking need to be understood by all.

So, I meet with the teacher this afternoon and anxiously await some form of apology for her lapse. I will also be taking a closer look at the work that is yet to come. We will be making our decision this weekend. Please say a prayer for us that we make the right one.

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