Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Super quick update!

Well, I finally got the OS updated this afternoon. I just love how Macs work. It took just under an hour, I regained nearly 40 GBs of hard drive space and it is running perfectly smooth. If I lost any software, it was stuff I don't use, because everything I've opened (and do open on a regular basis) works fine. When I can, I need to upgrade my Photoshop Elements, but since I only use this in creating tutorials, running the legacy app 'Rosetta' will do for now. (Rosetta is a method used by the OS to run older apps that were intended for the non-intel chip machines. It opened my old PSE and it ran just fine, it was just a little slow to actually start up.) So far I haven't noticed any speed increases, but since this is a newer machine at only a year old, maybe I won't really detect any of that. All in all, it has once again been a very smooth transition.

DS#2 is a little ill today and we will be headed to the Doctors soon. Seems he has a bit of an ear infection, but he's not in horrible pain. It interfered with sleep last night until we got the Ibuprofin in him, then he settled right down and slept through the night.

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